Thursday, October 7, 2010

Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks Skateboarding Series 10/11
Manning Skate Park Perth, WA
Saturday 2nd Oct 2010

Manning Skate Park, I bloody love this place. The park is so fun, and always provides us with amazing skating from all divisions. Being held on the same day as the AFL grand final I thought this might have brought numbers down…but Perth proved me wrong. The core skate community could care a less for the AFL, and there were more competitors then any other year.

Backside 5-0

Backside 180 Nosegrind

We started the day of with the 15 and under division. There were so many kids in this comp it was hard to see all the tricks going down. With that many little rippers I felt bad for the judges. But as always there must be a top 3 and this years were 3 of the best! In 3rd place we had Jordan Hids. Jordan was killing it all day, with tricks all over the park, he is definitely on the up! In 2nd place we had will Paterson, Will only just missed out on first place. The competition between he and first was insane. We actually needed a few more attempts from both to help decide the outcome. Then in first place we had Rin Hutchinson. Rin was a stand out for me, he had a big bag of tricks, smooth style and a great attitude. He actually sprained his ankle in the final, but kept of going. He spent the remainder of the day in the tent with ice on it. Tough little dude!


After the 15 and under heats we broke it up for a while and ran some games. The games ranged from running races to Volcom says (our version of Simon says)His gave all the kids who weren’t competing a chance to join in the fun.

Backside 5050

Backside Boneless

After that we got straight into the Girls division. With only 3 girls entered we ran there heat as a final, the girls were killing it. Tj Cros came 3rd, using tricks like no comply shuvits over the little box which really took a few people by surprise. Sarah Howarth was big spinning her way into 2nd and Sophie Williams was all over it, with tricks on most obstacles in the park including the flat bars, she was a well deserved 1st place.

Frontside feeble

Mellon to Fakie

Switch Heel

Front Blunt

Front Tail

Then it came to the big boys. The 16 and over division! With clouds looming in the distance we got stuck straight into these heats and before we new it we were running the final. In the end it came down to a nail biter. We actually had to extend time a little to break the top 3 up. Quade Baker placed 3rd, Matt Brazier in 2nd and Barry Mansfield in 1st. the competition between these 3 was so tight its hard to explain. You have to come by the website and see the finals web clip for yourself. Barry Manfield is one tech Mo Fo! He has
so many very difficult tricks it was what got him over the line in the end. But it wasn’t by much. Matt and Quade were right on his tail the whole time. Well done fella’s. stella effort that one!!!

Madman, Backflip 180

Girls Winner right to left. 1st, Sophie Williams. 2nd, Sarah Howarth. 3rd, T.J cross

15 & unders 1st, Rin Hutchinson. 2nd, Will Paterson. 3rd, Jordan Hids

16 & over 1st, Barry Mansfield. 2nd, Matt Brazier. 3rd, Quade Baker.

Thanks to all the skaters and spectators who came down and supported the event. It was a great day thanks to all of you who came. Also a big shout out to Rothy and Jake, Rothy with your TV set up in the back of the Van to watch the AfL Grand final. Amazing!

And last but not least, Maxted! Thanks for shooting all day and supllying us with these great photos. Legend!

Till next time everyone, Peace!

Thanks to our supporting sponsors:
MGTA Skateboards

Next stop on the Wild In The Parks Tour is:
Nerang QLD
4th December, 2010

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  1. Guys, i see you have really enjoyed the game. You also brought by my memories with the pics..we had this when we went to tour Canada 3 years back. but i forgot to take my camera there..

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