Sunday, February 27, 2011


Volcom's VQS Avalon Beach February 26th 2011 from Volcom Australia / New Zealand on Vimeo.

Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous tour stopped off at Sydney’s Avalon Beach over the weekend. This was the last chance for people to qualify for the VQS championships at Manly Beach on April 15-16th 2011 so we new this one was going to be huge. We had to postpone this event in December due to lack of swell, so as the sun pocked itself up over the horizon we where very happy to see a perfect right hand bank off the pool with some really nice 4 footers.

The boys started to get the tents up as I was left to do the sign up, it started with about 20 groms asking the same question over and over, when is my heat, what age am I in, can I go in 2 age groups . This was fine till the numbers started to grow from 20 to 40 then to 80 then there was over 140 people fighting to get an entry form, no one wanted to miss out today with the waves pumping.

So we decided when the numbers hit over 160 we where going to do 10 minute heats best 1 wave or risk surfing the finals in the dark.

Early morning

Once we had the draw up around 730am,it was time to get the heats under way so we started with the Groms, Juniors , Opens and then the girls. There were some big up sets in the early rounds with Cooper Chapman booming out of the juniors but he did redeem himself later in the day by winning the final from Volcom’s own David Vlug, they were the stand outs off the day scoring huge in the final both busting big ariels in the dieing seconds. Cooper also took home Electrics Volt Thrower award for landing a huge grab ariel earning 50 cash for his effort.

Cooper Chapman flying high

Jackson Baker

Girls on the beach

There where a few new things going on at this event with Boony on the hat press printing Volcon VQS hats on demand and we also had GSI (global surf industries) bring down 11 demo boards for people to ride, the fin-less boards were a hit with the groms.

Boony printing hats

We made the finals 15 minutes best 2 waves, the girl’s were up first with Freya Prum winning ,next in the water was Grom’s with Jackson Baker taking that one out with 2 high scoring rides, and Jake Sylvester won the Junior’s with a total of 15.5 out off 20.

The last heat off the day was a cracker with it coming down to the dieing seconds, Copper Chapman and David Vlug both from Narrabeen going mad with some crazy new school surfing but in the end there could only be one winner and that Cooper.

Girls finalist
1st Freya Prum
2nd Jane Ensore
3rd ale Kelly
4th skye Burgess

Grom finalist
1st Jackson Baker
2nd Teague Robertson
3rd Riley Cadman
4th Riley Laing

Junior finalist
1st Jake Sylvester
2nd Michael Bain
3rd Jamaica Evans
4th Jordan Bulmer

Sunday, February 13, 2011


We arrived at Gunnamtta beach carpark at 530am for the 4th stop on Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour 2010/11.We couldn't see much as the sun was yet to rise but as we walked down the path and stepped out on to the lookout it hit me in the face like a punch from Mike Tyson, 35 knot on shore!

We had to get moving, putting these tents up was going to be a huge task. The first tent was bending inside-out and we battled with it for half an hour before reinforcements arrived with a drill and some roofing bolts.
Once the tents where bolted to the lookout it was game on! People started arriving in car loads,it takes more than a little onshore wind to stop them down there.

Nice vertical snap

The day started off with the pro am division,with our best turn out all year!
The draw filled up in 20 minutes, with the juniors next, then groms and then girls.

Big air by Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker was the surfer of the day taking out the Electric Bolt Thrower with a huge air reverse scoring himself $50 and also taking out the pro am division. Coming in 2nd was Caiden Fowler, 3rd Tom Allen and 4th Cal Nicolson.

Beach games

The Juniors final was really exciting with it coming down to the dieing seconds when Tom Lyon jagged a really nice wave scoring a 6.5 and taking out the final by 0.5 from Tom Antonie. Grant Williams got 3rd and 4th Brock Warren.

The groms final was really close with only 1.5 between 1st and 4th but at the end of the day we can only have one winner,Tristan Farras! In 2nd was Cody Robinson,3rd Francis Meade and 4th Joel Van Dijk.

We finished the day off with a presentation around 4pm with all finalist taking home huge prize packs and winning a spot in the VQS Championships which will be held at Manly Beach on the 15th and 16th of
Dylan takes home his first new board thanks to Global surf industries.

Mitch Baker takes home the cash

Grom final
1st Tristan Farris
2nd Cody Robinson
3rd Francis Meade
4th Joe Van Dijk
Juniors final
1st Tom Lyon
2nd Tom Antonie
3rd Grant Williams
4th Brock Warren
Girls final
1st Georgia Fish
2nd Zoe Clark
3rd Matilda Mclellans
4th Mel Harrisson

Opens final
1st Mitch Baker
2nd Caiden Fowler
3rd Tom Allan
4th Cal Nicholson

Monday, February 7, 2011


Wild In The Parks 2010/2011
Geelong Waterfront Skate Park
Victoria, 5th February

So it seems I have become quite the rain dodger. With Geelong under a flash flood Friday night, most would have bet the event wouldn’t go ahead, but on my waking up Saturday morning I was surprised to see the ground was near dry. I then got to the park quickly to see what the deal was. With only a few little puddles my day was looking good. The forecast was for another day of rain, but it seemed all the clouds were in surrounding neighborhoods. So without letting the rain get us, we got the comp started early and didn’t look back. Here are some shots and a write up on the day’s event, Enjoy.

Paddy, Kickflip


As is always the case the younger guys are always there bright and early, so using this to our advantage we got the 15 and under division kicked off. Before we new it we were down to the finals. The finals were great to watch, actually the whole 15 and under division were great. With a gloomy day above and rain looming, the skating these kids delivered seemed to have brought out the crowd too, and by 11am the attendance was massive. In 3rd place we had Paddy Mcevoy, Paddy was killing it. He has one of the best front shuvits I have seen on a kid of that age, with such consistency as well. In 2nd place we had Samuel Aitkens, Sammy was incredible all day with so many different tricks all over the park. I think all the skaters from the day could have taken notes from Samuels’s ability to utilize the whole skate park, something that is very important in competition skating. Also one hell of a varial heel! In 1st place we had Anthony Davie, Anthony is a man-child with the skating ability of a mature man. He was incredible to watch and I honestly think he is running in the top 3 people to beat at the Wild In The Parks final he has scored himself a spot inn. From the smoothed back smith to the easiest looking switch biggie’s Anthony has it all. Well-done guys.

James Guida, Bluntslide off the end

Ruby rolling

In the girls division we had 3rd place winner Ruby then 2nd place went to Rhianna Arnold who had already qualified in South Oz, but decided to compete again to fill out the numbers here in Geelong, great attitude Rhianna, thanks! Then in 1st place we had Adelaide’s Jenny Oakes. Jen was on fire, with tricks on nearly every obstacle in the park then also taking it to the big stuff. Her Ollie off the big 3 and Ollie north off the long 3 were talked about the entire day. Great effort girls, cant wait to see the level at the finals!

Jen Oakes Big Ollie

Then we had the big boys, and lucky enough we were able to stall and let the numbers collect, because it was all worthwhile. With a great attendance and skills to match the 16 and over division was so much fun to watch. In 3rd place we had Dean Brookes who skated hard as nails all day and brought out some of the most unique lines and tricks I have seen. One of my standouts was the gap to lip on the little many pad. That was awesome and really quick to get off. In 2nd place we had Jake De Vries, Jake also had some very unique lines and was able to master tricks all over the park. His ability to slide Noseblunts over the hip with such ease and grace was great to witness. Then it came to the numero uno, the first place winner, James Guida really earned his first place title, with the most casual style, vast array of tricks and consistency to boot he was always going to be hard to beat. From Backtail Shuvs to nose many 360 shuv out he had the whole park dialed. Well done to all the winners and thanks to all the competitors who didn’t make the cut. You all ripped and I can’t wait to see you all again next year.

Noseblunt Kennybrose!!!!
Ambrose Backside Feeble
Dean Switch Nose Grind
Lakyn Front Feebs
Anthony Back Smith
Girls Winners: Ruby, Rhianna Arnold, Jen Oakes
15 & Under winner: Paddy Mcevooy, Samuel Aitkens, Anthony Davie
Electric Move of the day: Lakyn

16 & over winners: Dean Brookes, Jake devries, James Guida

That’s now it for the qualifying events for 2010/2011. The next event is Sydney’s Championship competition where all the qualifiers over the past year will battle it out for the 2010/2011 Wild In The Parks Championship. In addition to winning this prestige’s award the winner of the 16 and over will be flown to the USA to compete in the Wild In The Parks Champs USA. Keep your eyes peeled for the list of all the Qualifiers soon to be uploaded to

Thanks to everyone who came down and supported the day, Nathan Dunn for Shooting, Aiden Hayes for filming and everyone who came even with the dark skies above.

Also thanks to our supporting sponsors: