Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Volcom Stone's Wild In The Parks Flagstaff, Adelaide

Thursday, September 16, 2010



On Saturday September 11th Volcom held the 2nd event of the Wild In The Parks tour in
South OZ. As always the crowd came down in droves, actually herds. This was by far
the biggest Wild In The Parks contest Adelaide has seen. With forcast of rain, the morning
and it looked like like it was going to live up to the reports. But no one was going to be rained
out of a fun day ahead, everyone arrived early so we could get the action underway.

The skating here is Adelaide is always amazing. We always have a our regulars, but this year
was different, the crowds came from all over, and the skater too. The days seemed to fly buy,
with never there a moment something awesome wasn’t going down.

Now when it got down to the finals of the 15 & Under, this is where the kids separate from
the children so to speak. The youth coming up in adelaide are awesome. Not only are the
great skaters, but they all have amazing attitudes and respect. The top 3 were definitely
hard to choose between but it ended up being Jay Runciman in 3rd. This little guy has
power moves all over the park. Watching him skate the stairs was awesome. Real guts! In
2nd we had Micheal Demby and in 1st Andy Nicholls. Now these 2 were especially hard to
judge. They were head to head all day, and it really could have gone either way. Funny to
think Andy wasn’t even going to enter. Well done to you and all your guys who entered.

Then we had the girls! The girls division is always great here, but the girls were even more
blessed with the presence of Rhianna Arnold on Saturday. This young lady from Melbourne
seemed to lift the spirits of the other young ladies and helped push the level of skating.
So overall we had Jennifer Oakes in 4th, Sara Howarth in 3rd, Rhianna Arnold in 2nd and for
the 3rd year in a row Kat Williams in 1st. These chicks really know how to have fun and had
the whole crowd roaring for them.

16 & Over... Where the the big boys come out to play. Usually with this division the older guys
wont rock up till midday, but with the help of Andy walker and some other local skaters, we
got the word out that we were gonna try pump this whole event into the small dry window we
were expecting. Sure enough everyone was there early. I was so stoked to see the commitment
these guys have for the event. There were so many rulers shredding this age division, and the
crowd were loving every second of it. But as they say, there can only be 1. And in the end that
person was George Newsholme. George was amazing to watch all day. My favourite trick was
the Nollie front heel out of the kicker to switch nose manual the whole long pad, 180 out. It was
insane. I don’t no anyone with manual skill tat tech and that consistent to be able to throw it into
a run. Following George we had last years winner Justin Edwards, who killed it all day with
consistent rail tricks and flips down the stairs. Justin is always a hard cat to beat. And in 3rd we
had Clint Kenneally, I cant remember seeing Clint at any previous year, but he sure did stand out
on the weekend. He had power moves all over the park and made backside lipslides down the big
rail look like play school.

So there we Have it. Another year at Adelaide’s Flagstaff Skate Park, and other cracking
good time. Id personally like to thank Nicky Oakes for all her support and help to pump up
this event and make it what it was. What a great day, and great crowd, you all rock
and make these events what they are. Also a shout out to Andy Bowles. Andy your a King.
Thanks mate, and see you all next year!

Well done to all the competitors, and thank you to all who came down and supported the event.
special thanks to all our sponsors:

Elan Skateboards
Andy @ Kennards
John @ Hub Fruit Bowl
Sharon @ Domino’s Onkaparinga

Next stop on the Wild In The Parks Tour is:
Manning Skatepark, Perth WA
2nd october, 2010