Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The sun shines on Volcom Stone's PBRJ at Mt Ruapehu NZ 2nd October 2010

One of the best days of the season arrived just in time for the Peanut Butter & Rail Jam held at Turoa on 2nd October 2010. With the first blue skies in months people flocked to the mountain, this being the 2nd year at the mountain there was a huge turn out of competitors ready to jam on the 3 rails. The standard really stepped up a notch from last year with some impressive riding all day.

Open Mens

1st - Leroy Christensen , an Ohakune local boy , threw down all day with buttery style , but won it on the last hit of the day with a Cab 450 over the flat to down , He also walked away with the Electric Gooiest move with that same trick and for the win has won himself an airfare to the USA to compete in the World PBRJ championships.

2nd - Jesse Miller from Whistler Canada, Jesse killed the whole course an attacked all the features with aggression, he did some stand out tricks like half cab, forward flip out off the middle feature, an 450 outs.

3rd - Tom Battersby , Tom had over all great style on all the features , an used his smooth style an laid back approach to slot into 3rd, Tom tore apart the flat down feature with an array of butters on, an then gapping 270's over to the down.

Open Girls

1 - Christy Prior from Auckland was the stand out of the day for the Womans Open, showing Gangster Style anall out approach, Chirsty took the whole course to town an slayed all the features , her tricks included switchboardslide 270out, gap front board on the flat down , an lots of Presses an butters on the flat box.

2nd - Ellen Waugh , Ellen rode super strong all day , an was the first girl to gap front board the flat down feature, she was also in contention for best trick of the day with her impressive half cab to front board, over all she rode really well an had great style .

3rd - Vida Laird , Vida came out firing in the girls final an rode with real guts , she did a steezy front blunt on the down box, an also did great front boards on the flat box to gap.

Boys 16 - 18

1st - Matty Price killed the course in the 16 -18 age an rode with style beyond his years , Matty did an array
of tricks that included front blunt 450 out , 270 on 270 off , an finished with a stylish gap on the flat down .

2nd - Was Billy Halloran an Ohakune local boy also , Billy rode strong in the event last year an this year was no different, He used his local knowledge of the rails an park to progressively place 2nd, his style was also stand out with a unique array of presses an combs the judges were well impressed .

3rd - Tyler Kirk arrived late to the finals because he was waiting in the cafe , but when he finally made it to the top of the course he didn't waist any time getting stuck in, he killed the middle feature with cool gap outs an 270 outs.

Boys 15 under

1st - went to JJ Raywood a Volcom team rider from Wanaka , JJ rode strong throughout the day an impressed the judges with good clean style an unique tricks like front 3 tap the gap out box, an board slides on the kink box.

2nd - was Daniel Hyne from Auckland , Dan ripped the course apart an rode well on all the features , He did cool tricks like board slide 270 out on the flat feature an also killed the flat down.

3rd - went to Duncan Kukler from Auckland , Dman rode super strong an enjoyed the middle feature with cool switch board slides to gapping out , an 270 off the end.

Under 15 finalists

Jon from Turoa like PB&J

Volcom Team riders Will Jackways & Marcus Wehrle

Final Results:

1st Leroy Christensen
2nd Jesse Miller
3rd Tom Battersby

1st Christy Prior
2nd Ellen Waugh
3rd Vida Laird

16- 18's
1st Matt Prior
2nd Billy Halloran
3rd Tyler Kirk

15 & Unders
1st JJ Rayward
2nd Daniel Hyde
3rd Duncan Kurkler

Thanks to our supporting friends:

And a huge thanks to:
Willie Beggs, Jordan from Snow Centre & Snow Centre crew, Kizza, Darren & Cam at Suit Case Bar, Jon from Turoa, and everybody that helped make us welcome

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