Monday, January 31, 2011


Well what day we had here. As I arrived to the park the rain set inn and didn't look like it was going to break! After drying the park twice, and having it rain down again I thought the day was going to be a wash out. But with a little luck and perseverance we were able to smash out another amazing day of skating in Christchurch!

Smith grind

In the 15 and under the competition was tight, and every heat looks as good as the last. The sheer amount of talent in the area is amazing. I must say a big shout out to one of my favorite of the day, even though you didn't place Arak you sure did turn a lot of heads. Next year my man!

So when it came down to the crunch there could only be 3 in the final podiums, and those 3 were... In 3rd and skating like a demand possessed was Izzak Calvert, Izzak was very impressive all day with trick all around the park…a great all-rounder. Then the battle for first came to just 2. In what was one of the hardest decisions to make it finally came that Cade Wilson-Russ would take 2nd leaving PJ Wybrow to take 1st. both these guys have a tone of skill and the euro/step up ledge has never seen such domination from the likes of a under 15’s group. Well done to both of you and I really cant wait to see how you guys do in the final!

Feeble grind across and down

Cade. lippy

The girls division was a little short this year with only one girl entering, so instead of having her skate on her own, we put her in with the boys. Liannah Kennedy was a brave chick that got out there and gave it a good go up against the guy. Liannah has secured herself an invite to the finals also. Well done!

Feedin time


Bake bean eating comp

Berroca eating comp

Then the big guns came to play! Christchurch you never let me down! Every year they skating in amazing here and every year the guys throw down with passion!

Well done to all they guys in this division, you all killed it. But as competitions go its always going to come to the final 3, and today was no different. In 3rd we had Ben McConnel who had some of the most tech moves out there today. He has one of the best Nollie inward heels out there and is only young, so keep an eye out people. In second place we had Volcom’s newest Flow rider Jack Dargan. Jack landed the most tricks I have ever seen in a heat today, with Back Smiths, clean flips and a buttery nollie nose grind down the hubba to name just a few. But even with all his tricks there was no stopping first place winner Jack Woodrow. Jack has line and moves on this park that id bet no one else out there could pull off. Huge ollies from hip to hip over the many pad, Switch smith down the rail and front lipping up the hubba are just a few. This guy really knows how to skate, and is always a happy positive character at the park. Well done mate… you killed it again.

Jack Dargan, Back smith

Jack Woodrow, 50-50

Backside flip

Electric best trick winner. Cade with a Tre flip

Girls winner, Liannah Kennedy

15 and Unders Izzak Calvert , Cade Wilson-Russ and PJ Wybrow
16 and over winner, Ben McConnel, Jack Dargan, Jack Woodrow

Thanks to all the people who came and supported the event. Its you that make this happen and all worth while.Next round is WITP Geelong this saturday the 5th of February.

Photo's by Andy Brown

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