Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Second stop on Volcom Stone’s VQS Crustaceous Tour 2009/10 was always going to be an exciting one. The contest was a Qld event and situated at the famous beach break, D-bah. We awoke on Saturday morning, 12th December 2009 to a building 2-3ft fun park of peaks, and with the talent that had entered the draw we knew we were in for a very exciting day.

Chris Friend getting barreled off his head in the early rounds

The weather was below average with frequent showers, but the contestants and crowds were not to be deterred. All the divisions – grommets, juniors, opens and girls filled up fast with some of the best talent Qld and Northern NSW has to offer.

First up were the grommets with one of the youngest boardriders in VQS history – a 6 year old, who paddled out making the 3ft waves resemble the Eddie Aikau in Waimea Bay. Next up we had the juniors, followed by the opens and finishing up the first round of heats with the women’s division.The beach games drew a big crowd with everyone excited at the amount of prizes that were on offer to everyone that participated.

Grommets lining up for the wheel burrow run

The sun finally came out from behind the clouds that had plagued us all morning, the waves started to peak and it was just in time for the grom’s final and these guys didn’t hold back. Luke Hynd got the nod from the judges and took out 1st place, coming a close second was Kelly Norris who was surfing with a lot of power for such a young age, 3rd was Ed Hatcher and 4th was Kalan Whybird.

Luke Hynd smashing the lip in the final of the Groms

The Ladies finalists were ripping and taking top honors and a spot in the VQS Champs was Dimity Stoyle. Taking second place was Emma Allen, in 3rd was Mischa Davis and in 4th was Wini Paul.

Dimity Stoyle impressed the judges and took home first place in the final.

Next up was the junior final with the lead changing with each wave ridden. It was a barrel fest with 9 point rides going down with all four finalists, but taking out the winners trophy with a 9.2 on his last wave ridden was Gold Coast surfer Sol Ryan, in second place was Dusty Payne look-alike Mitchell James, 3rd place was funny man Jack Scollard and in 4th was QLD junior champ Noa Deane.

Sol Ryan on his winning wave in the final.

The Pro-Am division was packed once again with 36 competitors signing up. Breaking out of the pack and absolutely smashing the final was the Brazilian surfer Alex Chacon, in second place was Chris Friend, with local ripper Dru A’dler coming in third and forth was the surfer from Sth Australia Teal Vanner.

Alex Chicon floating his way to a win in the Pro-Am division

Everyone that made the final in there respective age groups receives an entry into the VQS Australian Champs at Sydney in April 2010.

Grom finalists stoked with all there prizes

3rd place Mischa Davis receiving here trophy
Junior Finalists lining up
Pro-Am devision waiting to hear the results.

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Next event on the VQS Schedule: Gunamatta Beach, Victoria 6th February 2010.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Pipeline is the Mecca of the surfing world, and it is at this legendary location that we are proud to announce Volcom's first ever ASP event: The Volcom Pipeline Pro, a WQS 5-star event running with a waiting period from January 23rd - February 5th, 2010.

Volcom has been deeply rooted on the North Shore since the early 1990's. It all started with our first team houses at Turtle Bay, then Rocky Point, then V-Land, and Sunset - until finally settling permanently at our dual beachfront locations directly in front of the Banzai Pipeline.

"To have our own contest in front of the Volcom Pipe Houses is truly amazing," says Volcom Founder and CEO, Richard Woolcott. "I think it's going to be a great event for everyone; the surfers, the spectators and the community. This is something I never would have imagined when starting Volcom... It really is a dream come true."

Pipeline in 2009. Photo by Tom Carey

The Volcom Pipeline Pro will feature a prize purse of US $120,000 and be a great opportunity for locals to get much needed WQS and Triple Crown points.

"We're super pumped to host an event at Pipeline," says Troy Eckert, VP of Marketing. "This is the place that separates the men from the boys, and we're all very honored to be involved at this level. I'm glad that we are able to step in and support the Hawaiian surfing community."

Volcom has always been dedicated to Hawaii - from supporting a team of world-class Hawaiian athletes and ambassadors, to giving back to the community through local charitable events, sponsorships and organizations. The Volcom Pipeline Pro is the next step in our commitment to Hawaii and we hope you'll join us, either on the beach at "The Proving Grounds" or via live webcast at Volcom.com.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Volcom Wild In The Parks 09/10 has kicked off in Perth over the weekend.
With perfect weather and as usual a great Perth crowd, the season has
Gotten off to a great start.

The day started with the 15 and under division and these kids were firing!
It came down to a fight between Raoul Poncin, John Hardless
and Callum Mccauley. It was a tight finish but in the end there could only
Be one winner and it was Raoul who took it out, John who came in second
And Callum in 3rd. Well done to all the other finalist, the kids rocked!

After the 15 and under came the girls, there were not many girls
Confident enough to get out there on the day, but the girls that did
Ripped and ripped hard. The final result was T-J Cross in 3rd, Sophie
Williams in 2nd and Sara Howarth in 1st!!

Then came the 16 and over. We had to hold out on starting this one
As the some of the guys expected to competer had not showed up yet.
This is what happens when you try run a comp for people 18 years and
Over before midday. The night before had got them sleepy.
But once it all started the guys showed why it was worth waiting for them.
So many talented skaters in Perth and every year I love coming over
For this comp.

On the day it turned out to be Ryan Van Nellertyn in 3rd,
Rowan (Frodo) Williamson in 2nd and Harry Clark in 1st. All these guys
Killed it, but with harry’s all round skills he was hard to beat. With tricks
All over the park he gave up a good mixture of tech and gnarly skating
Which the judges could not deny.

A big thanks to all the kids and families that came down to supports the event,

All the judges, Brandon on the mic, Maxted for shooting, Rothy for all his help...You all killed it,

and couldn’t have done it without you all.

On top of that a big shout out to all the sponsors, this years prize packs are

Looking better than ever and that’s all due to you support, so thank you
Modus Bearings
Four Skateboards
Indy Trucks
Vestal Watches
Electric Sunnies
Supra Shoes
Slam Skate Mag
Red Bull
Ricta Wheels


PBRJ - Turoa Mt Ruapehu Friday 2nd October 2009

Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter & Rail Jam hit the Mt Ruapehu on North Island of New Zealand for the first time on Friday 2nd October. With some bad weather on the Mountain for over a week we were lucky to get an amazing bubble of fine weather hanging out over the park, while the rest of the upper mountain struggled with passing cloud.

The park crew had worked throughout the night to install the new rails, which only just arrived the day before from Germany. It was great to see the talent of riders hitting the new rails, which made for an insane day of boarding.


Some great riding throughout the day from the opens division with all finalists going for broke and hit rail after rail but it was Isac Mascheretti aka the Machetti cuts like a knife the judges reckon who took out first place with his amazing all round style, his stand out trick was his fully extended handplant on the wall ride, buttery style and also did a method to 5-0 on the flat down. Sunnies an IronMaden sweater also.

Open Winner Isac Mascheretti

In second place Bruno Moise Crenty from Ontario Canada, his stand out trick was a solid front Board thru the kink, very hard trick to do, and he also killed the up rail to stall and then back down.

Bruno Cretney
3rd place Simon Motion, well he defiantly had the motion that day, local shredder who works at keg. (thanks 4 the free beer) Killed the down flat down, with big gaps to board slide an even a massive gap to front board with nice style too.

Simon Motion went huge in the final

Honour mention to Leon Mckay who absolutely destroyed the entire course with amazing style, but unfortunately came unstuck in the finals, great work tho Leon, keep up the good work at the planet haha!


Taking out top spot in the girls was Charlotte Trundle a Wanaka shredder. Charlotte killed the whole coarse, but her stand out trick was a lipslide thru the kink all over the bolts (so on it) an also nice 50 to front board on the flat down, and a solid on the wall ride.

Charlotte Trundle a Wanaka shredder

Coming in 2nd was Mia Steir local shredder, great solid style , her trick was a gap to 50 on the flat down an also she destroyed the wall, but her cave man on to the down part of the last feature blew the judges away.

Mia Steir
3rd place Stephanie Takarangi local Turangi girl who came out charging from the first hit with all or nothing approach. She killed the flat down with a solid 50 to back 1 off the end, but one of the best tricks all day was her wall ride to grab the Volcom sweater off MC Willie Beggs yea that sums up the PBRJ, having fun, trying new tricks an winning cool prizes from Volcom and all the supporters of the tour.

Wall ride to grab sweater Stephanie Takarangi

16 & OVER

Taking out first place was Jason Price, Auckland shredder who had a Gangster style with solid gap to front board on the flat down, and smooth 50 to board slide on the kink. Great stuff Pricey!

In second place was Billy Harloran local Kune shredder working at Snowcentre , the most amazing nose press all day out of anybody, fully extended press on the flat down an probably the best person to get the Wall ride with a solid rock to Fakie on the very top, very impressive all round rider .

Billy Harloran local shredder

In 3rd place Morgan Schofield , who went for a swim in freezing conditions the night B4 for a Vestal watch, yeah and killed the entire corse to, just a bit unlucky in the finals, got a solid 50 to b/s on the kink , and solid on the up stall to down rail.
Yea Morgan, did you feel any leaches in the lake that night? haha ( stand by me).

15 & UNDER

1st place Ted Donnerly the biggest man on the course standing at 6 '3 at only 15, killed everything with a humble and stylish attitude, got a great rock to fakie on the top of the wall ride an super clean front board on the flat down. He stomped everything in the final ...key !

2nd Place Matt Price, unlucky not to get the victory, he killed the whole course in the prelims, got a solid board slide thru the whole kink, came a bit unstuck in the finals, but held it together with good style on the bottom part of the course .

3rd place Tim Te Ua, the youngest competitor at only 10 years, was wearing a full one piece orange , aka the carrot grom . He showed real guts an determination on the flat box mixing it up with good style and jammed away on the wall ride with cool lay backs, then he even stepped up to the big Blue flat down and got to the end ...a truly amazing effort for Tim an really made the judges an whole crew really proud .

Was an insane day with some amazing riding and thanks to all the competitors and crew that turned out to watch it all go down. Special thanks to; Mt Reaupahu staff for all there help and support, Nick Johnson for the photography, Snowcentre for the good times and the gear supplied, Willie Beggs for his commentary on the day and fir being all round help, FTB camp for putting us up and Will Jackaways.

Willie with the product Toss

PB & J Sandwich's Yuuumm!

A snow friend to keep you warm

Weird creature created

Promo box in mid flight

More free stuff

Opens Mens
1st Place - Isac Mascheretti
2nd Place - Bruno Crenty
3rd Place - Simon Motion

Opens Girls
1st Place - Charlotte Trundle
2nd Place - Mia Steir
3rd Place - Stephanie Takarangi

16 & Over
1st Place - Jason Price
2nd Place - Billy Harloran
3rd Place - Morgan Schofeild

15 & Under
1st Place - Ted Donnerly
2nd Place - Matt Price
3rd Place - Timi Te Ua

Thanks to all our supporting Friends click to check out their websites

Thursday, August 27, 2009



Mt Ruapehu North Island NZ (Turoa Side), Friday 2nd October 2009 (free sign up 9am)



STOP # 1
Manning Skate Park, WA 3rd October 2009 (free sign up at 10am)
STOP # 2
Tugan Skate Park, QLD TBA November 2009 (free sign up at 10am)
STOP # 3
Washington Way Skate Park, Christchurch NZ, 23rd January 2009 (free sign up 10am)
STOP # 4
Riverside Skate Park VIC, 13th February 2009 (free sign up 10am)
STOP # 5
Flagstaff Hill Skate Park, SA 6th March 2009 (free sign up 10am)
STOP # 6
Waterloo Skate Park, NSW 1st May 2009 (finalists from all stops and invites)



STOP # 1
Scarborough Beach WA, Saturday 10th October 2009 (free beach entry 7am)
STOP # 2
Durandbah Beach QLD, Saturday 12th December 2009 (free beach entry 7am)
STOP # 3
Avalon Beach, NSW, Saturday 19th December 2009 (free beach entry 7am)
STOP # 4
Gunnamatta Beach VIC, Saturday 6th February 2010 (free beach entry 7am)
STOP # 5
Raglan, NZ, Saturday 13th March 2010 (free beach entry 7am)

VQS Championships
Manly Beach NSW, Friday 16th & Saturday 17th April 2010 (Finalists from each stop qualify for championships)