Sunday, February 14, 2010


We held the Victorian leg of the WITP on Sunday. The day started off slow, with a wet Skate park and clowds looming in the distance. But as the morning went on the sun came out and the park dried.By 11am the sun was blaring and the skating was in full effect.

with good tallent in all divisions there was always someone on fire on the course here Anthony Davie and 15& under winner performing a backside smith grind.

this is my favourite game to play with the kids. everyone starts off strong but its not long befoew the facials start to apear from utter pain!

16 & over runner up Geoff Campbell has the nicest switch smiths iv seen. this one was 180 ollied out.

everyone loves a wheel barrow race!

thats a real Volcom Fan!

16 & over winner Lakyn Heperi with a lofty tre flip

girls winners

15 & unders winners

16 & over winners

thanks to everyone who came down, these events are always a fun day and the crowd always gets into it. so untill next time, cya and thanks Vicco!

big thanks to all out sponsors


Despite the recent string of intense weather in Victoria, ranging from heat waves, storms and heavy rain, the Volcom VQS Grubfish contest escaped it all on Saturday 13 February 2010 at Gunnammatta Beach on the Mornington Peninsular, with a comfortable 24 degree temperature, light on-shore breeze and 3-foot waves.

The keen competitors turned out early eager to get their names in the draw and all divisions filled up quickly with just over 100 competitors across the 4 divisions.

First to hit the water was the Groms division (14 & under). With a right rip bowl and the tide moving out, the conditions did prove tough for the groms, but with the 10 minute ‘best one wave scored’ heats, they only needed one. It was the top four finalists that were most deserving. The lead changed over 3 times through the final with Nick Alcock having an early jump on the final. It wasn’t long before Luke Dunlop took the lead with a larger wave, laying down a series of cutbacks. Then, out of nowhere, Walter Hiatt laid down a huge front side hack but unfortunately came unstuck and it was not enough. Taking out the junior division was Luke Dunlop, in 2nd place was Nick Alcock, in 3rd place was Walter Hiatt and finishing in 4th place was Tom Harrison.

Grom winner Luke Dunlop

We held one outright final heat for the girls. The girls were patient all day and got out there and slashed it up. Last year’s winner Matilda McLellaun again proved too strong for her competitors. The highlight of the final was young Piper Harrison beating her mum in the final. When the results were called out Piper was estatic yelling, “I beat my mum! I beat my mum!” Well done Piper. Meg Sweeny finished in 2nd place, Piper Harrison in 3rd place, Mellissa Harrison in 4th place and Cortney Dunlop in 5th place.

Matilda Mclellaun cutting back in the final

The Junior division was cut throat all day and it looked like Harry Mann was unstoppable winning all the heats to the final, but it was Shaymz Buttonshaw that had the answer to that with a strong finish in the final. Surfing down the beach it was Harry Mann and Hayden Forrest going head to head, both going for broke and both with good waves under their belt. Shaymz elected to stay on the right rip bowl which proved to be the difference in the end throwing a series of large hacks to take out the final just ahead of Hayden Forrest, Harry Mann and Travis Cininas respectively.

Hayden Forrest huge snap that could have put him in 1st place

Harry Man down the beach, was getting his fins out

Travis Cininas flaoting his way to 4th place

The Pro – Am division went wave for wave all day and that did not stop in the final - what an entertaining final this proved to be! With a series of rides under their belts, it could have been anyone in the lead half way through, but the next half of the final was another story with Finn Barry sticking a huge aerial reverse. Alex Vrana then responded with and epic combo of turns to take out the final and snatch the lead from Finn, in 3rd place was Liam Jolly and in 4th place was Charlie Nairn.

Finn Barry air reverse

All was not lost for Finn Barry he took home the Electric Move of the day for his huge front side air reverse in the final.

What a great day it was, seeing the kids and competitors travel from all over Victoria to compete. There was loads of giveaways all day, water slides, cream face painting, the BB Brocca challenge, lollies, hair dye and loads more. Thanks for a fun day Vicco. Look forward to seeing all the finalists in Sydney for the VQS Championships on the 16th and 17th April 2010.

A huge thank you to the Peninsular Boardriders for their support and to our supporting companies and friends:

Grom Finalists

Girls Finalists

Junior Finalists

Pro - Am Finalists

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We held the Christchurch leg of the WITP on Saturday. There was a massive turn out and the sun was shinning. From 8am the kids were there in droves and energy was high.

The day started with the youngsters and dam can they skate. The skill level in the top 6 here was higher than most WITP id ever seen. But in the end it came down to the top 3. In 3rd we had Cade Wilson Ross who had Consistent tricks all over the park with a great attitude and fluent style. In 2nd we had Shaun Goddard who only just missed out on the number 1 place. He was flying up the euro gap with all kinds of tricks. But not to take away the win from Jack Dargan who owned the 1st place spot with tricks like front crooks up the Euro gap and my favorite of the day a Nollie heel nose slide down the big hubba!!! Well done!

In the girls division we only had 3 entrants but these girls gave it all they had. Finishing 3rd we had Nicole Sherrif and in 2nd was Winona Bell Scott and taking out first place was Hannah Kennedy who performed ollies up the euro and 180 ollies over the hip. Top effort girls!

Now to the big guys, I would have hated having to judge this. Throughout the day there were guys ripping so hard. But as the numbers dropped it came down to the final 3 who were Jack Woodrow in 3rd who as my favorite of the day. He had so many different lines at the park and always linking tricks, but just fell a few more times than the other 2 in the finals. In 2nd place was Matt Beck who back heeled up and over most gaps there. Also front blunted the rail first shot! But taking 1st place honors was hands down taken by James Kingston who had massive tricks all day which included gapping the fun box to 50-50 and 5-0 Along with blunting the hubba and all over just killing the whole course.

Well done all you finalist, you really put on a great show!

A big thank you to all that came down and supported the event, it was a great day! Also Joel Summerlee who held the day together!

Thanks to our friends who made the day possible!