Monday, July 19, 2010


Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks Skateboarding Series 10/11

Thornleigh Skate Park Sydney, NSW

Saturday 17th July 2010

On Saturday the 17th we held the first round of the 2010/2011 Wild In The Parks Skateboard Series. Thornleigh was the

venue, and for the first time we have held an event here it was a great turn out. The day was picture perfect, blue

skies and the shredding was on for young and old!

15 & Under Winner, Ryder Lawson. Boardslide

First up we started with the 15 & under division, the kids we going for broke. The final was defiantly a hard one to pick

with all the kids killing the judges had to be feeling the pressure. But in the end there can only be 3. So in 3rd place

we had Steve Adam who had tricks all over the skatepark, and really took it to the big bowl. 2nd was Ryan Bowen, Ryan

was strong all day but just couldn't hold off the 15 & under winner Ryder Lawson. Ryder was flawless all day. And in the

finals really brought it home with a back lip down the big rail. Well done guys!

Girls winner April Caslick, Boardslide

Its awesome to see that the girls comps have really come into there own. From when we first started the wild in the parks

events few girls would enter to now when there is a good amount of talented skaters at every event. Taking out 3rd position

was Ashleigh Hill, Erin Reid was 2nd and April Caslick took out the 1st place prize. The girls were awesome to watch and

really gave it a good go! April has been in these events for some time now and always makes the finals, and the Championship

event every year. Cant wait to see what more comes from the girls division this year.

16 & Over winner Matt Katai, Stale fish

The 16 & overs division was a heated competition, with the final being a battle till the end. All the finalist had good trick

selection and utilised the whole park. In the end there were 3 to be crowned and they were, Dani Campbell in 3rd, who

for a little guy packed quite a punch. He had some really good tricks on the kicker to bar. In 2nd place was Brad Mcdermott.

Brad absolutely killed the park with tricks all over, A crowd favourite was his nose grind down the big rail. Stylish and a look

of easeput him in 2nd place, but it wasn't enough to hold out Matt Katai who finished in 1st. Matt must have more tricks

than the dictionary has words! Matt also won the Electric Hype of the day for trying to insanely air off the bank and over

the back railing into the car park. That was just pure insanity. Awesome viewing though. Hope your feet feel better Matt.

And well done !!!

16 & over runner up, Brad Mcdermott, Crooks pop over

Back Noseblunt as the kids watch on

Steve Adam Hand plant.

Getting their Grub on!

Nathan always a pleasure the watch. Cruising through a frontside grind.

Loads Of Free Stuff for the kids

Amnesia Board giveaway

Scotty from Newcastle received the Encouragement award

Girls winners left to right, 1st April Caslick, 3rd Ashleigh Hill, 2nd Erin Reid

15 & under winners. 1st Ryder Lawson, 2nd Ryan Bowen, 3rd Steve Adam

16 & over winners. 1st Matt Katai (also Electrics Hype of the day winner), 2nd Brad Mcdermott, 3rd Dani Campbell

Well done to all the competitors, and thank you to all who came down and supported the event.

special thanks to all our sponsors:

XEN Skateboards

Next stop on the Wild In The Parks Tour is:

Onkaparinga Skate Park, Adelaide SA

11th September, 2010