Monday, March 28, 2011


The Volcom VQS series hit New Zealand on the weekend ,the plan was for the event to be run on Saturday at Raglan on the famous point break but as surfers we all know that mother nature doesn’t always come to the party.We arrived on sun up at Raglan’s manu bay to find it dead flat and howling off shore.The local boys told me of this wave 20 minutes south that always has waves called Ruapuke Beach, swell magnet they said . So the decision was made to move the event.Off we went in the Volcom van winding around the muddy cliff top roads in the pouring rain. When we arrived at the beach to find the waves where rolling in at around 2 inches, we had to make the call to have a lay day and run the event the next day back at Ruapuke and just pray for a little bump in the swell over night.

Big floater

The next day we got to the Beach to find 2 to 3 foot waves in the corner ,we had made the right decision . The comp was on , with air tickets to the World VQS Championships in Newport Beach California up for grabs we new there would be some crazy surfing going down.

We started of the day with the juniors at around 8am,everyone looked amped we had the music pumping fun waves loads of prizes and by the end the day there would be two people going home with air tickets to America.

Huge fins out
After that we went into the opens which had a really strong showing with all the local rippers, Volcom own Luke Cederman went mad in his first heat finding some good left handers in to the rocks.

Luke Cederman

Nice speed turn

Some New Zealand sea life
By the mid afternoon we got into the business end of the event with the girls final up first, Alexis pouter started the heat with an 8 point ride and backed it up with a 5 ,surfing really top to bottom making it look so easy. Then we had the grom final with Ben Wallis coming home with the win in front of Taylor Hutchingson and in 3rd was Isac kettle.

Jess Santorik before the final
The Junior final was won by Elliot Pacerata Reid, winning himself a flight to Newport Beach California for the world VQS championship. Next up we had the pro am division which was the closes heat of the day with only 2 points between 1st and 4th places but at the end we could only have one winner and that was Zen Wallis. Well done and good luck at the world Champs.

Zen Wallis winner of the pro am division

Girls final

1st Alexis Poulter

2nd Jess Santonik

3rd Anna Hawes

grom final
1st Ben Wallis
2nd Taylor Hutchindson
3rd Tsac Kettle

Junior final
1st Elliot Paerata Reid
2nd Ben Poulter
3rd Sid West
4th Sean Kettle

Open final
1st Zen Wallis
2nd Mickey Banks
3rd Alex Dive
4th Tane Wallis