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So the Wild In the Parks Champs for 2010/2011 has just been and gone. With rain for week’s prior, we were a little worried the event would even get a chance to run. But lucky as we are the sun came out and shone bright for all to enjoy.

Feeble Grind

With all the talent we had seen through the year in qualifying I new the day was going to be a hard one to judge, and yes I was right. Never have I seen the judges deliberate for the length of time they were, and it was truly a battle every heat as to who would move through to the next.

The day started with the 15 and under. These kids just get better and better, how they gain the level of skills they have so early is beyond me. It was great to see some of these kids travel from NZ such as Cade Wilson-Russ. Cade is 13 yet looks like a solid little man on a board. He may not of made the finals, but his skating stood out so strong that all day I would hear people speaking his name, complementing his talents.

In the final we have Anthony Davie, Ryder Lawson, Billy Loveder and Danni Campbell. These kids were great! All had a chance to take the winnings and this heat was actually the hardest for the judges.

In 3rd place we had Anthony Davie. Anthony has been getting stronger and stronger over the years, and I see him having a great time with his skateboarding every time I see him. In 2nd place we had one of the most exciting youngsters to watch at the moment, Ryder Lawson. Ryder is on another level for a kid of his age and one that is sure to reach the international stage in the years to come. This kid can back smith a rail like it’s a warm up trick also has a bag of tricks bigger than Santa’s sack on Christmas Eve. In 1st place we had local ripper Billy Loveder. Billy has been on the scene for year, but its not often you see him competing. You could see his street skating shine through on the park, linking tricks and using tech little feet to hop around the joint. The kickflip nose stall revert tricks into the bank were amazing. Flipping down the stairs was an easy task for this young lad also. Well done guys!

360 Flip

The girls division had stepped it up this year, maybe it was the 500 large on the line this year or maybe they are simply pushing each other harder than ever, either way it made for some great skating.

In 3rd place we had Aimee Massie. Aimee had flown down from Queensland and had no intention on leaving empty handed. She skated all day and looked like she was really enjoying herself out there. In 2nd we had Ellie Summerhayes. Ellie was absolutely killing it all day, with big flips out of the kicker like Varial Heels, and kickies down the 6 she definitely made it hard for first place winner Izzy Muttu. Izzy held strong all day and definitely had some moves the other girls couldn’t compete with. Izzy was rocking switch flips off drops along with switch 50-50’s and switch front boards on the flat bar… scary stuff! Well done girls you all killed it, as you can see in the video above.

Foot plant
Backside Flip
Switch Backside Nose Grind
$50 were going out for every worthy trick. Fakie Flip Tailslide off the 3 block.


Then as always we leave the big boys for last! This year we saw a lot of new talent come through qualifiers and also a new breed of younger than usual skaters competing in the open’s final. All the guys in the opens deserve a massive shout out as you all did so well, and it was really tight the whole day.

In 3rd we had Mikey Mendoza. Mikey is 13 and was meant to be in the 15 & under division but due to traffic jams he could not control he ended up missing his heat, so we chucked him in the opens. To place 3rd in this division at his age say’s a lot for this kids future. The Tre Flip down the big 3 may have been after time, but I am sure everyone there still remembers his style and grace on the landing like it just happened.

2nd place went to Barry Mansfield. Barry was on fire all day, with tricks unlike anyone else on the course it was a pleasure watching him. The Frontside Flips over and into the bank were every shot and stylish and anything. Barry also made it hard for the first place winner, but not much could hold out Nik Stipanovic from taking the title this day. It happened to be Niks 16th birthday and it really showed. He was on fire all day. Even in between heats he was shredding around the course. Nik was skating the park like a NYC veteran! Lines unlike any I have seen at the park. His style, consistency and trick selection made him a sure choice for 1st place.

Busy Back Decker
Kickie to Fakie
Nollie Flip
Back Smith
Back Blunt

Going for it...
Eat down!
360 Flip
Switch Flip. Matty Dillon Electric best trick winner
Winners 1st Izzy Muttu, 2nd Ellie Summerhayes, 3rd Aimee Massie
1st Billy Loveder, 2nd Ryder Lawson, 3rd Anthony Davie

1st Nik Stipanovic. 2nd Barry Mansfield, 3rd Mikey Mandoza

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So that’s it. Another year is done and dusted, thank you everyone for supporting the event and I cant wait to see you all again for the new season.

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