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The Final Volcom Stone’s Totally Crustaceous surf series for 2010 / 2011 hit Manly Beach last Friday and Saturday.

With finalist from all over Australia turning up to compete for the title and a shot at the trip to Newport Beach, California up for grabs in both the juniors and opens division to compete in the international VQS Champs. With the 3 to 4 foot south swell rolling in, we knew there was going to be some crazy surfing going down over the 2 days

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The stage was set, guitars where plugged in, the drums ready to be bashed and all the rockers dressed in there leopard skin pants and there tight denim jackets where ready to head bang , stage dive and rock there way to the man on man finals.

First act up for the day was the Glitter girls with the first 2 going straight in to the quarter finals and 3rd and 4rd having to battle it out in the bonus round . With 15 minute heats best 2 waves for the first few rounds, surfers had to be quick with there wave selection as the condition were predicted to pick up as the day progressed.We head banged our way into the Glam grom’s first round with all competitors surfing way above and beyond there age.

Grom getting some air
It wasn’t all about the surfing with loads of giver aways up on stage with yoyo and air guitar competition, crazy jam session on the drums and all the Glam Rock fun you could expect to find at the Volcom OZ Championships.

kids rock'in out

Contest director
Day one was finished off with the Juniors , opens first round , Quarter finals of the girls and groms. What a day sunny, fun waves and kids everywhere rock’in out.

Jasper Enersby
We woke up on Saturday to the sound of bucketing down rain and a 30 not south wind but as they say the show must go on . So we went in to damage control, sand bagging the tents the best we could, putting extra banners up to try and protect us from the rain and just prayed the whole contest side doesn’t blow away.The good thing was the waves had picked up so at 8am we got the junior and open quarters under way with Cooper Chapman a stand out in the Juniors and Daniel Vardy in the opens.

Cooper Chapman
With the rain pooring down we moved onto the semi finals with only the winner from each semi going through to the man on man finals.Before the finals started we had the Electric Volt Thrower expression session with guest appearance from volcom’s Ozzie Wright, Jordy Lawler, Blake Levett and locals Dan Karen and Luke Cheadle. $500 going to the winner Luke Cheadle who pulled a huge air reverse.

Ozzie Wright carving
The Glitter girls final was up first with Ali Kelly ripping her way to the win over Winni Paul, then we moved into the Glam grom’s with Jacob Willcox scoring an 8.5 and an 8.0 on his way to a win over Cody Robinson.Jacob Willcox made another appearance in the Jumping Juniors final with a solid performance against Volcom’s own Jordy Lawler with both scoring rides in the high nines but at the end of the day there would only be one winner off to America and that was Jordy Lawler.

Jordy Lawler on his way to winning the Juniors
We finished the day with the pro am division, Daniel Vardy came out firing with a really nice left hander doing two huge turns and taking the lead. Then it was Dan Karen turn to put on a show catching two fast waves and taking the early lead off Vardy.Wave for wave both Dan’s went with the lead changing time after time and just when it looked like Vardy had won Dan Karen paddle into a nice left hander with 15 seconds to go , needing a 7.5 to win jammed three big turns and scored an 7.8 and went home with the win and the ticket to the U.S.

Dan Karen winner of the pro am division

Glitter Girls
1st Ali Kelly
2nd Winni Paul

Glam Grom
1st Jacob Willcox
2nd Cody Robinson

Jumping Juniors
1st Jordy Lawler
2nd Jacob Willcox

Posion pro am
1st Dan Karren
2nd Daniel Vardy

Luke Cheadle winner of the Electric Volt Thrower.

What a year on the Volcom VQS series congratulation to all winners and thanks to everyone who took part in our events . See you next year.

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