Sunday, February 13, 2011


We arrived at Gunnamtta beach carpark at 530am for the 4th stop on Volcom's Totally Crustaceous Tour 2010/11.We couldn't see much as the sun was yet to rise but as we walked down the path and stepped out on to the lookout it hit me in the face like a punch from Mike Tyson, 35 knot on shore!

We had to get moving, putting these tents up was going to be a huge task. The first tent was bending inside-out and we battled with it for half an hour before reinforcements arrived with a drill and some roofing bolts.
Once the tents where bolted to the lookout it was game on! People started arriving in car loads,it takes more than a little onshore wind to stop them down there.

Nice vertical snap

The day started off with the pro am division,with our best turn out all year!
The draw filled up in 20 minutes, with the juniors next, then groms and then girls.

Big air by Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker was the surfer of the day taking out the Electric Bolt Thrower with a huge air reverse scoring himself $50 and also taking out the pro am division. Coming in 2nd was Caiden Fowler, 3rd Tom Allen and 4th Cal Nicolson.

Beach games

The Juniors final was really exciting with it coming down to the dieing seconds when Tom Lyon jagged a really nice wave scoring a 6.5 and taking out the final by 0.5 from Tom Antonie. Grant Williams got 3rd and 4th Brock Warren.

The groms final was really close with only 1.5 between 1st and 4th but at the end of the day we can only have one winner,Tristan Farras! In 2nd was Cody Robinson,3rd Francis Meade and 4th Joel Van Dijk.

We finished the day off with a presentation around 4pm with all finalist taking home huge prize packs and winning a spot in the VQS Championships which will be held at Manly Beach on the 15th and 16th of
Dylan takes home his first new board thanks to Global surf industries.

Mitch Baker takes home the cash

Grom final
1st Tristan Farris
2nd Cody Robinson
3rd Francis Meade
4th Joe Van Dijk
Juniors final
1st Tom Lyon
2nd Tom Antonie
3rd Grant Williams
4th Brock Warren
Girls final
1st Georgia Fish
2nd Zoe Clark
3rd Matilda Mclellans
4th Mel Harrisson

Opens final
1st Mitch Baker
2nd Caiden Fowler
3rd Tom Allan
4th Cal Nicholson

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