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Volcom's VQS Avalon Beach February 26th 2011 from Volcom Australia / New Zealand on Vimeo.

Volcom’s Totally Crustaceous tour stopped off at Sydney’s Avalon Beach over the weekend. This was the last chance for people to qualify for the VQS championships at Manly Beach on April 15-16th 2011 so we new this one was going to be huge. We had to postpone this event in December due to lack of swell, so as the sun pocked itself up over the horizon we where very happy to see a perfect right hand bank off the pool with some really nice 4 footers.

The boys started to get the tents up as I was left to do the sign up, it started with about 20 groms asking the same question over and over, when is my heat, what age am I in, can I go in 2 age groups . This was fine till the numbers started to grow from 20 to 40 then to 80 then there was over 140 people fighting to get an entry form, no one wanted to miss out today with the waves pumping.

So we decided when the numbers hit over 160 we where going to do 10 minute heats best 1 wave or risk surfing the finals in the dark.

Early morning

Once we had the draw up around 730am,it was time to get the heats under way so we started with the Groms, Juniors , Opens and then the girls. There were some big up sets in the early rounds with Cooper Chapman booming out of the juniors but he did redeem himself later in the day by winning the final from Volcom’s own David Vlug, they were the stand outs off the day scoring huge in the final both busting big ariels in the dieing seconds. Cooper also took home Electrics Volt Thrower award for landing a huge grab ariel earning 50 cash for his effort.

Cooper Chapman flying high

Jackson Baker

Girls on the beach

There where a few new things going on at this event with Boony on the hat press printing Volcon VQS hats on demand and we also had GSI (global surf industries) bring down 11 demo boards for people to ride, the fin-less boards were a hit with the groms.

Boony printing hats

We made the finals 15 minutes best 2 waves, the girl’s were up first with Freya Prum winning ,next in the water was Grom’s with Jackson Baker taking that one out with 2 high scoring rides, and Jake Sylvester won the Junior’s with a total of 15.5 out off 20.

The last heat off the day was a cracker with it coming down to the dieing seconds, Copper Chapman and David Vlug both from Narrabeen going mad with some crazy new school surfing but in the end there could only be one winner and that Cooper.

Girls finalist
1st Freya Prum
2nd Jane Ensore
3rd ale Kelly
4th skye Burgess

Grom finalist
1st Jackson Baker
2nd Teague Robertson
3rd Riley Cadman
4th Riley Laing

Junior finalist
1st Jake Sylvester
2nd Michael Bain
3rd Jamaica Evans
4th Jordan Bulmer

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