Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We held the Christchurch leg of the WITP on Saturday. There was a massive turn out and the sun was shinning. From 8am the kids were there in droves and energy was high.

The day started with the youngsters and dam can they skate. The skill level in the top 6 here was higher than most WITP id ever seen. But in the end it came down to the top 3. In 3rd we had Cade Wilson Ross who had Consistent tricks all over the park with a great attitude and fluent style. In 2nd we had Shaun Goddard who only just missed out on the number 1 place. He was flying up the euro gap with all kinds of tricks. But not to take away the win from Jack Dargan who owned the 1st place spot with tricks like front crooks up the Euro gap and my favorite of the day a Nollie heel nose slide down the big hubba!!! Well done!

In the girls division we only had 3 entrants but these girls gave it all they had. Finishing 3rd we had Nicole Sherrif and in 2nd was Winona Bell Scott and taking out first place was Hannah Kennedy who performed ollies up the euro and 180 ollies over the hip. Top effort girls!

Now to the big guys, I would have hated having to judge this. Throughout the day there were guys ripping so hard. But as the numbers dropped it came down to the final 3 who were Jack Woodrow in 3rd who as my favorite of the day. He had so many different lines at the park and always linking tricks, but just fell a few more times than the other 2 in the finals. In 2nd place was Matt Beck who back heeled up and over most gaps there. Also front blunted the rail first shot! But taking 1st place honors was hands down taken by James Kingston who had massive tricks all day which included gapping the fun box to 50-50 and 5-0 Along with blunting the hubba and all over just killing the whole course.

Well done all you finalist, you really put on a great show!

A big thank you to all that came down and supported the event, it was a great day! Also Joel Summerlee who held the day together!

Thanks to our friends who made the day possible!









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