Sunday, February 14, 2010


We held the Victorian leg of the WITP on Sunday. The day started off slow, with a wet Skate park and clowds looming in the distance. But as the morning went on the sun came out and the park dried.By 11am the sun was blaring and the skating was in full effect.

with good tallent in all divisions there was always someone on fire on the course here Anthony Davie and 15& under winner performing a backside smith grind.

this is my favourite game to play with the kids. everyone starts off strong but its not long befoew the facials start to apear from utter pain!

16 & over runner up Geoff Campbell has the nicest switch smiths iv seen. this one was 180 ollied out.

everyone loves a wheel barrow race!

thats a real Volcom Fan!

16 & over winner Lakyn Heperi with a lofty tre flip

girls winners

15 & unders winners

16 & over winners

thanks to everyone who came down, these events are always a fun day and the crowd always gets into it. so untill next time, cya and thanks Vicco!

big thanks to all out sponsors

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