Thursday, November 25, 2010


20th of November was an unforgettable day for the skate scene of Sydney's Northern Beaches. With a line up with names like Dustin Dollin and Chima Ferguson it was a day not to be missed. The day kicked off with a in-store signing at SDS Warringah Mall Then off to Manly Vale skate park for the first demo then followed by another demo at Avalon that afternoon. With the first demo at 1:30pm the skaters had it pretty rough in the sweltering heat, but all put in an amazing effort and shredded the park till they had nothing left. After this we all went street skating and made our way to Avalon. Once at Avalon it was all on again. With Volcom putting up some cash for best tricks, the session got really heated as Vans rider Jackson Pilz took home the cash with a smooth Smith Grind all the way around the extension block and back into the tranny. As we rode into the dark of night, pizzas were shared around while young and old mingled into the evening. It's been awhile since we have had the opportunity to have all those guys skating together, so thanks to the skaters and thanks to the crowds for coming down and hanging out.

Stone man welcomes the people to the instore at SDS

Manly Vale Skate park Demo. Jack Kirk Back Lip

Dustin Backside Flip
5-0 Red

Dustin 360

Jack Back Tail

Kieran Nose Grind

Azar Ollie

Dustin Varial Heel

Azar Nollie Flip

Dustin 180 Nose grinds at Avalon Demo

Dustin Tweaks it out over the hip

Red Frontside flips

Kizza Back Nose blunt

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